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Visit Sweden to experience its stunning natural beauty, from the picturesque archipelagos to the enchanting Northern Lights.


Here are some things to consider in selecting Sweden as your host country:



The primary language spoken in Argentina is Swedish.



Students in Sweden have access to discounted public transportation, including buses, trains, and metros, making it convenient to commute between campuses and explore the country affordably. Bicycles are also popular for short distances, promoting eco-friendly travel.



Swedish cuisine boasts a diverse array of dishes, from traditional favorites like meatballs and lingonberry sauce to innovative creations like smörgåsbord. Seafood, including herring and salmon, is prominent, reflecting Sweden’s coastal heritage.


Culture and Activities

Sweden’s rich culture blends tradition with modernity, evident in its vibrant arts scene, innovative design, and celebrated music festivals like the Stockholm Jazz Festival. Outdoor activities are abundant year-round, from skiing in the winter to hiking and kayaking in the summer. Visitors can also explore historic landmarks such as medieval castles and the ancient Viking sites scattered across the country.



Sweden is generally considered safe, with low crime rates and a well-functioning healthcare system. However, travelers should exercise normal precautions, particularly in urban areas, and be aware of potential risks such as pickpocketing in crowded tourist areas.


What to Bring

Essentials include valid identification, clothing suitable for varying weather, adaptors for electronics, personal toiletries, any necessary medications, and important documents like passports and insurance papers. Additionally, consider bringing a Swedish phrasebook or language-learning resources for communication ease.


Students should consider studying in Sweden for its welcoming atmosphere and abundance of activities. Delight in outdoor adventures like dog sledding, hiking, and kayaking or attend cultural festivals and sample traditional Swedish cuisine.

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